If you frequently feel fatigued or low on energy to get you through the day, you may need to reevaluate your diet. Along with stress management and regular exercise, proper nutrition can play an important role in boosting your energy level.*

Several of the nutrients that can affect your energy level include bee pollen, which is used by many athletes to help enhance endurance and stamina; spirulina, which enhances blood oxygen; and octacosanol, which is believed to act directly on the metabolism to enhance energy and stamina.*

In addition, royal jelly–a nutritionally rich substance manufactured by worker bees or the queen bee–can influence energy.

To optimize your energy levels and alertness, eat a well-balanced diet, augment your nutritional intake with dietary supplements, engaging regular exercise, and follow a stress-management program.

Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance is a unique formula designed to give you the metabolic and systemic support you need for physical endurance and to lead a more active, productive life. Gathered from the United States, Europe, and Asia, several potent botanical and mineral nutrients in a base of natural alfalfa synergistically combine to help naturally boost your energy level and increase stamina, endurance, and alertness. Optimal Performance does not provide quick-energy stimulants but rather provides long-term elevated levels of energy and alertness.*

Each day your body requires a specific amount of important nutrients that most of us do not consume on a consistent basis. In addition, some of the nutrients we consume may pass through our bodies without being absorbed, leaving our bodies deficient in certain nutrients. To help you obtain optimal nutrition, UnicityrM has developed a high-quality, scientific line of exclusive dietary supplements. Our nutritional line offers a variety of supplements that can enhance a healthy lifestyle throughout all stages of life. This includes scientifically advanced supplements for targeted needs, such as cardiovascular function, men’s and women’s health, digestive function, and others. Unicity’s nutritionals include a full range of multivitamin and mineral formulas designed to suit your individual lifestyle needs.*

Nature Force

Nature Force represents Unicity’s revolutionary approach to cellular protection. This product is not an ordinary vitamin or dietary supplement; instead, it helps minimize the effects of environmental effects on cells with phytonutrients that are derived from whole foods.* Through a unique distillation process, Nature Force combines the antioxidants in real food pigments and cruciferous vegetables with pure, high-quality antioxidant vitamins for a potent daily formula rich in vitamins and minerals that are proven free radical scavengers . *

Q: What are cruciferous vegetables?
A: These vegetables are members of the cabbage family including: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, and mustard greens.

Nature Force contains:

Antioxidant Food Pigments {Tomato lycopene complex (carotenoids), mixed berry anthocya nosi des, alfalfa chlorophyll complex (chlorophylls)}: Substances that give natural color to fruits and vegetables. Provide powerful antioxidant action to scavenge free radicals and limit cell damage.*